About Us

About Our Veterinary Surgery

We offer the highest standards of care at Walker Green Vets. Since opening in 2011 we were quickly awarded the prestigious RCVS GP Accredited Practice - the highest level possible for a general practice.

In addition to excellent healthcare, we ensure that the care and compassion we give to your pets extends to you, their family. Our in-house facilities are tailored to meet all the needs of our clientele.

Our Facilities

Walker Green Veterinary Surgery is situated in Timperley. We are housed in a purpose built, modern, well equipped building with disabled access.

Our aim is to provide a service of exceptional quality and the facilities that we have reflect this – facilities that are usually only found in the largest veterinary hospitals.

X Ray

With the latest digital X-Ray system we are able to take the best quality X-Ray pictures and process your images in less time. Our patients benefit from a shorter anaesthetic. We can even copy the images onto a disc for you or send them for a specialist opinion should it be necessary.


Boasting a fibre-optic dental equipment and table. These machines are very precise and cast light just where you need it – at the tip of the instrument itself.


Climate controlled, sterile, dedicated operating theatre, heated operating table, hygiene coated walls, with top of the range operating lamps and instruments.

The theatre has a glazed wall so that the surgical team are cocooned in a sterile theatre, but not isolated from support staff.

Powerful emergency lighting to support electrical systems in the event of a power failure midway through a procedure.

Infusion Pumps

An intravenous fluid drip, but rather than being controlled and fed by gravity it is controlled and pushed through by a sophisticated portable machine. This means that just the right amount of fluids and/or drugs will be delivered to a patient. They are also much less prone to blocking and are particularly useful in smaller patients such as puppies and kittens and during surgery.


Brand new, up-to-date anaesthetic and monitoring equipment. Using modern and very safe anaesthetic drugs.

Oxygen Supplies

Piped oxygen and oxygen concentrators – this means we will always have a plentiful and affordable supply of oxygen whenever and wherever a patient should need it.

Blood and other laboratory tests

At our in-house laboratory we are able to offer a comprehensive range of blood and urine tests, with results in minutes rather than days or even hours.

We have daily courier collection for those occasional tests we cannot perform in the surgery.

We do not believe in cutting corners, but on what is best for your pet. We will care for your pet as if they were our own.

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons GP status

The practice has been designed, and is run to exceed the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Practice Standards Scheme. There is a lengthy application and accreditation stage for achieving GP status and we are very proud that after only 15 months we passed with flying colours! and have had 2 further equally positive inspections since. These are the highest standards attainable for a surgery such as ours and will show that we have been independently accredited as performing to the highest standards of veterinary care. Tier 3 (or hospital status) is the highest level- where staff work in shift patterns round the clock, providing continuous care to critically ill patients. When this level of care is required, we have a working relationship with Woodcroft Animal Hospital in Cheadle to enable seamless care. They are the nearest such hospital and work to the highest standards. They also provide our patients with emergency treatment outside normal working hours.

Find out more about the Practice Standards Scheme

Our Services

At Walker Green we provide the very best health care based on modern training, techniques and equipment.

Private Consultations
Health check-ups, vaccinations and a ‘Well Pet’ service
Digital X-Ray
Surgical Services
Dental Services
Laboratory Services – On site lab for rapid analysis and reporting of tests
Specialist Referrals – Cardiology, Orthopaedics & Diagnostic imaging (in house)
Euthanasia Services – For when the time comes…

Our Staff

Ben Walker BVSc MRCVS (Principal Vet)

After graduating from Bristol University Vet School, Ben’s first job was working for the PDSA charity vet clinic in Portsmouth and then London. In 1995 he took sole charge of a busy general practice in North London, gaining invaluable insight to the private sector.

Eager to experience new challenges, Ben successfully applied to become the sole surgeon in a three-vet practice in Hong Kong. There he learned first-hand about a whole host of diseases not commonly seen in the UK and a huge variety of surgical problems. He returned to the UK in 1999 and worked at a number of practices throughout the country, including leading the team at a large veterinary hospital in South London, before setting up Walker Green Veterinary Surgery in September 2011.

He is interested in all aspects of veterinary medicine and regularly attends external post-graduate training and is actively involved in the training and mentoring of veterinary students.

Nurse Clinics

Our dedicated Nurses provide a range of services. Many of these nursing services are complimentary to ensure that you receive sound, professional advice and the best value.

New pet health check and advice.

Parasite control. Worms are more dangerous than you may think - it is essential that you obtain the correct products, specifically tailored to meet the needs of your pet and family.

Dietary advice and weight clinics.

Dental checks.

Senior pet health checks.

Nail clipping (at a lower fee than the vet)

  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons accredited GP status.

    The highest level possible for a general practice and we are very proud that after only 15 months we passed with flying colours! and have had 2 further equally positive inspections since.

  • We have separate Cat and Dog Waiting areas.

    We want you and your pets to be as relaxed as possible when you visit us. We can always find an extra quiet spot for rabbits and other small furries, when required! This includes larger kennel and cat cubicles than is normal in most general practices.

  • 15 minute appointments, rather than usual 10 minutes.

    Parking is easy- there are lots of free spaces to the front and side of the clinic, and we have our own private car park at the rear of the building.

  • Climate control throughout the whole building.

    Even our operating table is heated!

  • All our clinical areas have special paint treatments.

    This ensures they do not support the growth of germs such as MRSA, and can be cleaned day in, day out.

  • Isolation facilities.

    Should a patient be at risk of infecting others.

  • We have commercial laundry machines.

    To ensure a never ending supply of clean, dry and cosy bedding.

  • Disabled access